Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Contact Info

As an architect who has spent most of his career focused on green and sustainability issues both within my field and beyond it, I believe I have much to offer to both those in, and not in, the business. I am open to the opportunity to discuss the issues that affect our industry or simply to bounce ideas off each other. If we manage to dabble a little into economics, politics, religion or sexuality, I'm open to that too. ;-)

Due to professional liability concerns, if we get to a point in our discussions where I think it goes beyond bouncing ideas around, I will have to let you know and we can decide as to what steps to take next. If anyone is seeking architectural services, I am open to that as well.

I have set up a separate yahoo mail account for people who would like to either personally contact me in regards to this blog or to carry on a non-public discourse. It is

I look forward to hearing from you.